Televangelist Pat Robertson is calling on President Barack Obama to listen to “his fellow Africans” who oppose LGBT rights.

After a The 700 Club segment profiling Kenyan Bishop Mark Kariuki's opposition to LGBT rights, Robertson called on Obama, who is headed to Kenya for an economic summit, to heed the bishop's warning.

“The family is the strength of a nation. If the family is destroyed, the nation is destroyed,” Kariuki said in the segment. “So, we don't want to open doors for our nation to be destroyed.”

“[Homosexuality] is an abomination to God,” he said.

Kariuki added that Obama's support for LGBT rights was destroying America.

“I believe that with all my heart. With that agenda he's ruining America, because America has been known as a Christian nation. … Now it is a different nation altogether, because it's an agenda against God.”

Robertson opined that “those Africans have got it right.”

“One wishes that the president of the United States would listen to some of his fellow Africans, cousins, to what they have to say, because they speak truth and they speak wisdom,” he added.