The Roman Catholic Church has condemned a ruling by Mexico's highest court that effectively allows gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The ruling, handed down last month, declares state bans unconstitutional but falls short of striking them down. However, district judges are now obligated to grant injunctions to gay couples who are denied a marriage license.

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In an editorial published Sunday on its website Desde La Fe (From The Faith), Mexico's archdiocese called same-sex relationships “a public health problem.”

“The human body is not designed for a homosexual relationship,” the church wrote.

“The church is opposed [to gay marriage] because it does not want anyone to suffer the damage that this kind of marriage often causes: injuries to physical, psychological and spiritual health.”

This is not the first time the Catholic Church has criticized the ruling, but its editorial was unusually graphic.

“[A] man's anus is not designed to receive, only to expel,” the church argued. “Its membrane is delicate, it tears easily, and lacks protection against external agents that could infect it.”

“A penis that penetrates an anus severely damages it, causing bleeding, infections, and eventually incontinence, given that with continuous enlargement, the hole loses the strength to close.”