A Michigan pastor who was forced to leave his post because he's gay married on Friday.

Reverend Benjamin Hutchinson said last week that he resigned as pastor of a United Methodist Church in Cassopolis, Michigan after district leadership found out he was gay and in a long-term relationship.

Even though church policy bans openly gay clergy, it was well-known the Hutchinson was in a relationship with another man. But it wasn't until last week that the district bishop asked him whether had a partner.

“It was only my place of employment, [he is] the love of my life,” Hutchinson told WSBT at the time.

“I've never been shy about it and I won't hide from it. Monty Hutchinson is my life partner and that's who he is to me. I consider him my partner. Lord willing, someday my husband.”

That day came Friday.

Surrounded by over 100 guests, including 30 clergy, Benjamin and Monty exchanged vows, MLive reported.

“Walking around the courthouse and seeing all the support, seeing all the clergy there gathered standing there saying that they support it, they're not opposed to it, it really was a blessing today,” Benjamin Hutchinson said.