Olympian Tom Daley says he was “freaked” initially by his attraction to Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.

Daley came out bisexual in a 2013 YouTube video.

“Of course, I still fancy girls,” he said at the time, but “right now I'm dating a guy.”

“I'd never had feelings for a person along those lines,” Daley told The Guardian this week. “I'd been in relationships with girls where I'd had sexual feelings, but it became so much more intense when I met Lance. I thought, 'Whoa, this is weird. Why am I having these feelings for somebody?' It freaked me a little bit initially, but then it was like, 'OK, this makes sense.' Lots of things started to make sense.”

“I always knew that I had that attraction to guys, but I just thought that was a usual thing, being attracted to guys and girls. It was only when I met Lance I started having such strong feelings.”

He added that dating someone who “gets how we have other things in our life that we want to be successful at” makes it “much easier.”

“I want an Olympic gold medal; he wants a smash hit in the box office or a really good film,” Daley said.