German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she remains opposed to allowing gay couples to marry.

Merkel made her remarks during an interview with YouTube star Florian Mundt, aka Lefloid.

“For me, personally, marriage is the coexistence between a man and a woman,” Merkel said.

“I am for registered civil partnerships. I am for our not having any discrimination in tax legislation. And wherever we still find discrimination, we will continue to dismantle it,” she pledged.

According to Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, this was Merkel's first YouTube interview. Nearly 3 million people had viewed the 30-minute interview as of Friday.

“We have come a long way; when I remember, 25 years ago, many people didn't dare to say that they are gay or lesbian.”

“Luckily, we overcame this. You can enter a partnership, a civil partnership,” she added.

Britain's LGBT advocate Stonewall responded: “Can someone really support 'eliminating all discrimination' if they believe that same-sex unions shouldn't be labeled as 'marriages'? It must be a quiet week for Angela if her current concern is synonyms.”

A majority of Germans – as many as three quarters, according to one poll – support marriage equality.