Appearing on ABC News' Nightline, Jazz Jennings discussed Caitlyn Jenner's recent debut.

Jennings is the co-author of I Am Jazz and the spokesperson for Clean & Clear's #SeeTheRealMe campaign. She and her family began speaking out about the challenges of growing up transgender since Jazz was six.

Now 14, she hosts a YouTube channel and is the subject of the TLC reality series All That Jazz, which premieres Wednesday.

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“For you, having been sharing your story since you were a child, how does it make you feel when you see someone like Caitlyn Jenner coming forward with her story so much later in life,” Jennings was asked.

“I think Caitlyn Jenner is so brave and courageous to come out at that late age,” Jennings answered.

“I wish she could have transitioned earlier like I have and, you know, was lucky to have that support. But times were different back then. Things are changing now and we have this awareness where we're able to transition at this young age. But for her it was different,” she added.