Winners from the 14th Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival included director Christian Lloyd's eerie short film Getting Lucky.

Lucky remembers everything about the night before – in New Orleans and the beads, with Christian – but refuses to tell Christian, whose memory fails. This after the pair wake-up next to each other in the most dangerous neighborhood in the city. As Christian struggles to remember, things get strange.

Based on a one act play by Christian Lloyd, Getting Lucky, a 30 minute short, runs deeper than most feature films.

Getting Lucky will you give you chills,” wrote Instinct Magazine.

Getting Lucky won the Programmers Award for Best Male Short.

A romantic comedy that shatters the definition of family won the Audience Award for Best Feature.

Tru Loved is the story of 16-year-old high schooler Tru (Gertrude) whose family is made up of two lesbian moms and two gay dads. Her boyfriend, Lo, who is the quarterback of the football team, also loves musical theater. Is it possible he's also gay?

Writer/director Steward Wade (Coffee Date) has woven a funny and touching story that dispenses with traditional roles. In the world of Tru Loved, sexual identity is never a foregone conclusion. For example, when Tru meets a boy she likes at a gay-straight alliance meeting, she assumes he's off-limits. Surprisingly, he turns out to be straight.

Tru is over all the gay-fuss – being a teenager – yet, passionate about her family.

Director Tom Gustafson's spellbinding – and award winning – short film Fairies gets its feature length follow-up in Were The World Mine.

Timothy is elated when his eccentric teacher casts him as mischievous Puck in a school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Timothy, a social outcast in a homophobic community, loves Jonathon. Soon he discovers a potion that allows him to turn his town gay and Jonathon love him. What happens when he reluctantly gives up his control over the town?

The Advocate said of the film, “Hedwig And The Angry Inch had better move over.”

Were The World Mine won the SCION Award for First Time Director.

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