Out actor Daniel Franzese says that the fight for LGBT equality continues after last month's landmark Supreme Court ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states.

In an Attitude op-ed, the 37-year-old Franzese, who is best known for playing Damian in the film Mean Girls and HIV-positive Eddie in HBO's gay drama Looking, cheered the high court's decision.

“Let's bask in this, shall we? Really soak it up. We are beginning a new future for our young LGBT brothers and sisters that is truly better than the reality we grew up in,” Franzese wrote.

“That work shouldn't stop now though,” he said. “[W]e need to end HIV/AIDS. … We must make sure LGBT people are treated fairly in the education, housing, employment and financial arenas.”

“Coming from an actor’s perspective, I see the gay glass ceilings cracking every day as more diversity appears on television year by year. We need to push Hollywood to accelerate this because the more accurate portrayals that we see of gay and lesbian people in the media – and even moreso, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive people – the more we allow people to learn about them and remove stigma.”

“We need to stop bullying, and we need to encourage our LGBT youth to hold their heads high.”

“We need to keep fighting for full equality and we need to do it fabulously and inventively,” Franzese added.