In an op-ed posted Thursday, Henry Rollins says he feels bad for opponents of marriage equality.

The 54-year-old musician-writer-radio host-businessman opines weekly in his LA Weekly column.

“This may sound corny to you, but I feel bad for those who are having difficulty with the decision,” Rollins wrote, a reference to the Supreme Court's recent ruling striking down bans on gay marriage in all 50 states.

“Here is an example of what I mean. A woman named Dana Guffey, a county clerk in Arkansas, promised to resign from her post because she would rather quit than issue same-sex marriage licenses.”

“She is an adult and it is her decision. I respect her integrity. She is standing up for what she believes and risking future employment. But I really wish she was able to logic around her disagreements and stay at her job,” he said.

“It is not for me to tell anyone about their beliefs. I feel bad for anyone who thinks that their faith has been diminished or disrespected by the Supreme Court's decision.”

“To those who disagree with same-sex marriage because it offends their faith, I would say your beliefs are still yours to have. The wisdom, peace and clarity that faith has allowed you to have are still intact. No word of any religious text has been changed or its power reduced. There is a lot of room in America; it allows all to move freely,” he added.