Appearing Tuesday on HuffPost Live, former president Jimmy Carter said that he believes that Jesus would approve of gay marriage.

The one-term Democratic president is currently pitching his latest book A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.

Carter, an ordained Baptist minister, said that he had never run across any really serious conflicts between his political obligations and his religious faith.

“How about gay marriage?” host Marc Lamont Hill asked.

“That's no problem with me,” he answered. “I wouldn't be in favor of the government being able to force a local church congregation to perform gay marriages if they didn't want to.”

Carter added that he's struggled with abortion, saying that he didn't believe that Jesus would approve.

“Would Jesus approve gay marriage?”

“I believe he would. I believe Jesus would. I don't have any verse in scripture …,” he replied.

“No, no, no. Just intuitively, yeah,” Hill said.

“I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but I'm not – that's just my own personal belief. I think Jesus would approve of any love affair that was honest and sincere, and was not damaging to anyone else. And I don't think that gay marriage damages anyone else,” Carter added.