Support for the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage in all 50 states outweighed criticism 4 to 1 on Twitter.

CrowdFlower analyzed 25,000 tweets about the issue posted in the days surrounding the ruling.

It found that 80 percent of the messages were positive.

Of the 20 percent opposed to the ruling, 52 percent cited religious beliefs, 19 percent “Americans values,” and 15 percent “general disgust.”

Women (86%) were more supportive than men (72%).

For all states with a significant volume of tweets, the majority of sentiment was positive. Alabama had the highest number of negative tweets at 30 percent.

“We went into this exercise bracing for a lot of negativity,” said Justin Tenuto, content manager at CrowdFlower. “We bet wrong. In the days after the Supreme Court granted equal marriage rights to same-sex couples, America resoundingly applauded. And when you consider where we were as a country in the early 90s, that's nothing short of amazing.”