Comedian and LGBT advocate Margaret Cho argues that the AIDS crisis helped the LGBT community grow up politically.

Appearing on PoliticKING, Cho told host Larry King that today's marriage equality victory is rooted in AIDS activism.

“I grew up in a time when we were really talking about AIDS,” Cho said. “I think that's where the LGBT community really grew up politically, is looking for a way to make people understand AIDS as a disease and a crisis.”

“And so that was where I think we found a language and kind of ground grassroots support that we got and finally everyone was organized enough to work towards marriage equality.”

“I think the basis of gay politics really began with AIDS and trying to understand and get people to understand the disease,” she added.

Cho also credited former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom with leading on the issue.

“He was the one who first started marrying gay couples in City Hall in 2004,” she said.