In a The Hollywood Reporter story looking at straight stars who court gay fans, Channing Tatum, Nick Jonas and Chris Hemsworth are described as “straight plus homo.”

The story, which appears in the July 3rd issue, coins the term “stromo,” the result of blending “straight” and “homo.”

“Today's stromos are the flip side of gay actors who want to read straight for their careers: They are straight actors striving to read gayish to optimize their appeal – and maximize the number of butts, gym-molded or otherwise, in movie theater seats,” the magazine wrote.

“Stromos don't necessarily have to walk the walk but can talk a good game about their man-crushes: Ryan Reynolds admits that if he were gay, it would be with Robert Pattinson. Daniel Radcliffe says he would fancy Ryan Gosling (who wouldn't?). In times past, when Marlboro men and tough-guy icons like Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro reigned, bromance subjects Pattinson and Gosling might have sued or worse at any implication of gayness. That's not the case today.”

Editors describe James Franco as the “ultimate stromo” for his many gay roles.

The article ends with a quote from British social critic Mark Simpson, who coined the term metrosexual in 1994: “Women no longer own that province of objectification. Straight men now want to be sex objects – and what better way to get objectified than by other penised human beings?”