Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton released pictures for the first time of his daughter Mia Alma on Father's Day.

The 37-year-old Hilton shared an album of photos shot by Danny Dottavio on his official website. Included in the photos are Hilton, Mia and Mario, his two-year-old son.

Hilton posted another photo of Mia on Instagram, where he said that his “heart hurts” because he'll have to be apart from his daughter this week for the first time since her May 9 birth via surrogate.

Hilton told the AP last month that he kept the pregnancy a secret to protect the surrogate's identity, telling only his mother and sister.

“I'm excited for the two of them, so they can have each other and my son can look after her. It's a real family now,” he said.

The openly gay Hilton added that he's “open” to romance but his focus is on his children.