Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday that he would serve as a witness at a same-sex wedding of someone he loved.

During an ABC World News Tonight interview conducted in Iowa, Bush was asked how he hopes the Supreme Court will rule in a case challenging gay marriage bans in four states.

“I hope that they decide that the states should make this decision,” he answered.

“We saw your parents, we saw your father as a witness to a same-sex marriage in Maine. And I'm curious would you witness a same-sex marriage if asked?” David Muir asked.

“Sure I would,” Bush answered. “I would if they were friends and I cared for them, of course, I would.”

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara served as official witnesses at the wedding of a lesbian couple in 2013.

Other Republican presidential candidates have said that they would attend the wedding of a loved one, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, while Rick Santorum said that attending such a ceremony would be a “violation of his faith.” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a presumed candidate, has attended the wedding reception of a gay relative.