Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday refused to say whether he believes gay men and lesbians face discrimination.

Carson appeared on CNN to follow up on remarks he made the night before on Fox News.

Appearing on CNN's New Day in March, Carson was asked if being gay was a choice.

“Absolutely,” Carson answered. “Because a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay.”

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He later apologized and vowed to no longer discuss gay rights.

When the subject came up on Wednesday, Carson told host Brett Baier that he “shouldn't have allowed [his] emotions” into the conversation and that CNN host Chris Cuomo had gotten the better of him.

“I was a little bit irritated that he was equating the whole [gay marriage] issue with the Civil Rights movement. Because, quite frankly, I didn't remember any times when there were signs up that says, you know, 'Everybody else here and gay people have to drink at this fountain,'” Carson said.

On Thursday, CNN host Brianna Keilar asked Carson: “Do you think that gay Americans face discrimination?”

“I've made my opinion quite clear on this issue,” Carson answered. “I think the constitution protects every single American. And everybody has equal rights, nobody has extra rights.”

“Can we move on to something more important?”

“No, you haven't answered my question,” Keilar replied. “Are gay Americans discriminated against? … I'm just asking you to clarify your remarks.”

Carson responded that every group faces discrimination, in particular Christians.

“I wish we would talk more about that,” he added.