Social conservative Alveda King said last week that it is impossible for “two people of the same-sex to marry.”

The 64-year-old niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. made her comments during a panel on opposing marriage equality sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC).

“It’s impossible to marry two men to each other or two women. It's just not possible,” King said.

“The two cannot become one. It is biologically impossible, scientifically impossible, emotionally impossible, definitely spiritually impossible. You can actually hold a gun, Heaven forbid, and say, ‘do this marriage,’ now he or she may say, ‘okay,’ or they may say, ‘I won’t,’ but even if they speak the words, it is not possible, it is impossible. We have to be able to articulate that on all the levels we just said: spiritual, physical, science.”

She explained to a “lesbian who is living openly with a lady” that she only “thinks” she is married since she “really can't be married.”