Conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Monday launched a campaign to teach Christians to oppose, among other things, the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

Beck's Never Again is Now initiative will raise awareness and provide aid to Christians displaced and threatened by ISIS. A separate component of the campaign includes a speaking tour of churches where Beck will train Christians on how to carry out boycotts, civil disobedience and non-violent resistance to the threat such as marriage equality.

“If you think there is trouble now, what happens when the Supreme Court decides to say that homosexual marriage is the law of the land?” Beck rhetorically asked his audience, a reference to an upcoming high court ruling that could strike down the nation's 13 remaining state bans on same-sex marriage.

“Will this administration then force our churches to comply? Will you be forced to violate your own faith? We must together wake the most powerful force on Earth: the people of God.”

Beck made multiple references to Martin Luther King, Jr., who is best known for advancing civil rights using non-violent civil disobedience, and other human rights activists, including Mahatma Gandhi.

“I'm going to begin where Martin Luther King began,” he said. “On August 28, I'm going to be in Birmingham, Alabama in a church just down the street from where Martin Luther King began his historic stand against Bull Conner … We are going to begin to gather like-minded people and we are going to begin to train ourselves for non-violent resistance and civil disobedience. We're going to begin to train ourselves for boycotts and sit-ins. We're going to do all of the things that we thought were too radical or too hippy-like to do because we have to understand that we are now David and Goliath has all of the power. But we all know how that story ends.”