A Democratic candidate for the Virginia Senate says he believes gay people should use separate restrooms.

Joe Preston, a member of the Virginia House, has a mostly pro-LGBT record, but in responding to a questionnaire from the socially conservative Virginia Christian Alliance, he indicated his support for separate facilities based on sexual orientation.

When asked whether he supports allowing “children who claim gender identity of the opposite sex to use that bathroom in schools,” Preston said that he does not.

Asked by Metro Weekly to expand, he answered: “I'm against people of different genders sharing bathrooms. I actually think that gay people should have their own restrooms.”

Preston explained that straight people might feel uncomfortable sharing such facilities with gay men and lesbians, according to Metro Weekly.

“I really think [gay people] ought to have their own restrooms. I can't speak for them, because I'm not part of that community. But I would think they would feel more comfortable.”

“At some point, their genitalia [will] have to dictate who they are,” Preston said of transgender youth using a restroom based on their gender identity.

Preston also indicated in his questionnaire responses that he was undecided on marriage equality and efforts to outlaw “ex-gay” therapy to minors, but supports gay parenting and outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. He told Metro Weekly that he's generally opposed to laws that would allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community based on their religious beliefs.