NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has applauded a “new generation's” acceptance of the LGBT community.

On Monday, Caitlyn Jenner made her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair.

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“I've got nothing but love for my girl Caitlyn Jenner,” Rodman tweeted. “Be you honey.”

In an interview with TMZ Sports, he added: “I'm so proud of the fact that people are not really coming down hard on him where he can't walk around and show his face. That's the most important thing.”

“Life has its evil way of screwing with people. But now since people are so open today, man, you know what bro, knock yourself out brother. … If you wanna go on a date with me brotha, let me know.”

In 1995, Rodman appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated dressed in women's clothes.