Former Texas Governor Rick Perry on Thursday became the 10th candidate vying for the Republican presidential nomination.

Perry launched his second bid for the White House with the debut of a new campaign website, ahead of a planned speech outside of Dallas.

In a 70-second announcement video, Perry touts his qualifications for the office, saying that the nation needs “a president that has done the right thing.”

“We need a president who bridges the partisan divide, rather than widen, who brings people together,” Perry says.

Like all of his Republican rivals for the GOP nomination, Perry does not support marriage equality. (Former New York Governor George Pataki has not publicly stated his position on the issue, saying only that the issue of marriage should be left up to the states. As governor, he signed a gay protections bill.)

Perry has previously compared being gay to alcoholism, urged the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) to keep its former ban on openly gay scouts, defended the military's now-defunct ban on openly gay service members, and signed a presidential candidates pledge vowing to oppose marriage equality.