A North Carolina pastor is being criticized for telling students attending a graduation event that they will go to hell if they are gay.

According to WBTV, Pastor Scott Carpenter of Temple Baptist Church in Kings Mountain made his comments during the Kings Mountain High School's annual baccalaureate service.

Chuck Wilson, a parent, told WBTV that dozens of parents and students were offended by Carpenter's remarks.

“This is bullying,” he said. “Bullying doesn't have to happen from the back hallway of a school or a back parking lot. It can happen from the pulpit. It can happen from the stage.”

“It's a pubic school. There are children here. I think there should be some level of responsibility of the speaker coming in to not take advantage of a captive audience.”

Carpenter dismissed the criticisms.

“Do I hate anybody? Absolutely not. I just love them too much not to tell them the truth,” he said.

“Nobody got bashed or anything,” Carpenter added. “All I did was simply speak biblical truth. … The number one audience that I have to please is God.”

Cleveland County Schools said that the selection of speakers at the optional event was left up to religious leaders in the community.