Filmmaker John Waters says he backed marriage equality in Maryland for “gay people who want to be normal.”

The 69-year-old Waters appeared on HuffPost Live, where he discussed campaigning with former Governor Martin O'Malley – now a presidential candidate – for same-sex marriage in Maryland.

“I campaigned with Governor O'Malley to make gay marriage legal, even though I'm certainly not going to get married,” he said. “But for straight gay people, they like to do that kind of thing.”

When asked what he meant by “straight gay people,” Waters answered: “You know what I mean, gay people that want to be like normal.”

“I like beatnik gay people.”

“You know about gay shame? They have a march in London every year, it's hipster gay people that are embarrassed at how predictable some gay culture is. I think that's actually pretty funny. Gay is not enough anymore,” he added.

The Baltimore-born Waters rose to fame in the early 1970s, producing underground films with controversial people, including drag queen Divine and convicted criminal Patty Hearst.