A Colorado charter school blocked the class valedictorian from giving a speech – or be honored in any way – because he planned on coming out gay during his school's graduation ceremony.

Officials at Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School in Longmont, Colorado said that the decision to exclude Evan Young was due to his failure to resubmit his speech with edits recommended by Principal BJ Buchmann. Young and his father, Don Young disagree, saying that he was dropped from the graduation ceremony over his plan to come out during his speech.

The elder Young said that Buchmann also told him that his son was gay during a phone call.

Evan's mother, Alise Curry, said during a press conference outside the offices of Out Boulder, an LGBT rights group, that Buchmann had no right to out her son.

“I'm a physician, and patient privacy is integral to our daily experience,” she said. “You never, ever reveal information about an adult to anyone without their consent, unless they are a danger to others – which I think we can agree that he was not.”

“Mr. Buchmann outed Evan to us, which was not the way Evan wanted it to happen,” she added.

Despite the incident, Curry said that she has no regrets about sending her son to Twin Peaks.

“The teachers are just outstanding, and it is a very special group of kids that are actually very accepting, and Evan loved it there,” she said.

She also called her son “the bravest kid in the world.”