Actor Martin Sheen says in a new interview that it was important to get right a gay relationship on the Netflix comedy Grace And Frankie.

The 74-year-old Sheen plays opposite Sam Waterston, also 74, on the show.

In the sitcom's pilot, Robert (played by Sheen) and Sol (Waterston) announce to their wives (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) that they are in love and planning to marry.

“Robert is a conservative,” Sheen told Radio Times. “He's probably a Republican, which I certainly am not – I'm an extremely liberal Catholic. But I'm also a husband and a father, and a grandfather and a great grandfather, and I have great love and affection for people in the gay community.”

“So I had a real sense that it was important to get this right. Don't fool around with this. There's no camping here. No flashy stuff.”

Sheen said that he told the show's creators “no fishnet stockings, no parading around,” and they mostly respected his wishes.

“This was a sincere relationship. These men have fallen in love with each other. But they don't have any image of what they should act like. It's just that they have chosen to live an honest life.”

Sheen added that he supports marriage equality. “I am not against anybody expressing their love to anyone else; it's none of my business,” he said.

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