In the course of answering a The 700 Club viewer's question, Pat Robertson jumped into a rant against gay men, claiming that they “come after” young men.

“My son is gay,” a woman named Nancy wrote. “He is in a relationship with a man who is married and has 2 grown daughters. They are very active in our church, but no one is aware of this situation. His wife has no idea. My son lives with me. What would the Lord want me to do? I pray about his situation constantly. I am a widow.”

Robertson assumed that the woman's son was a minor, claiming that the married man was “a pedophile,” then launched into a broader rant in which he accused gay men of recruiting children into homosexuality.

“I'd go to the pastor, I'd go to the elders and say, 'Listen, this guy is hitting on my son and it's a relationship that's outrageous. He's married, got children, and now he's taking up with my son,'” Robertson advised. “He's a pedophile.”

“Her son right now doesn't know what he wants and he doesn't know whether he's a homosexual or not a homosexual, but this guy is trying to talk him into that,” Robertson said. “There's so many young people, impressionable, some coach comes after them, some adult comes after them, some older sibling comes after them, and they somehow think, 'Because they did this I must be gay.' Well, he doesn't know that for sure. He doesn't know what sexual identity he's got.”