An Oregon teen irritated by two men protesting against homosexuality decided to hold a counter protest.

Standing on the corner of the busiest intersection in downtown Tillamook, the two men held signs which read “Homo sex is sin!” and shouted insults at passersby.

“I was so irritated, because I see them all around town, and all they ever do is make people feel like crap about themselves,” Makaila Ragan, 19, said of the protest happening outside the optometrist office where her mother works.

With an “I [heart] gays” sign, Ragan began her own counter protest, the Tillamook County Pioneer reported.

The two men targeted the high school junior with personal insults.

“They were calling me names, and asking my mom questions, like, 'How many times did you have to get an abortion before you were able to have your daughter?' and saying, 'You're going to burn in hell right along with your daughter,'” she said. “The things they were saying were just awful, but I didn't let them faze me.”

Ragan's counter protest grew, with an estimated 45 demonstrators joining her. People brought them food and flowers and one man gave them money.

“[He] told us all go buy drinks or something,” she said.

The counter protesters outlasted the men.

“I was there from 4 until about 10:30,” she said. “The two men finally left at 10:30, so we all left after that.”

One of the street preachers told the paper that he focuses on homosexuality because it's the “hot-button issue” of the day.

Supporters launched Tillamook for Love, a Facebook group, to help organize additional demonstrations.

On Thursday, the group posted photos of a counter protest taking place in a Safeway parking lot.