South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told state lawmakers last week that he's “99.9 percent sure” he'll run for president.

Appearing Monday on CBS This Morning, Graham said that he would announce whether he'll seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination on June 1.

“I'm running because I think the world is falling apart,” he said on the program. “I've been more right than wrong on foreign policy.”

“The reason I had six primary opponents in my last election is that I've been accused of working with Democrats too much. In my view, Democrats and Republicans work together too little. And I would try to change that if I got to be president. And when it came to radical Islam, I would go after them before they come back here again.”

Graham recently toned down his opposition to marriage equality, saying that the United States must “move forward” if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on gay marriage.