Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has blamed gay marriage for the decline of Christianity in America.

According to an extensive survey by the Pew Research Center released this week, 71 percent of American adults self-identified as Christian in 2014, a decline of 8 percentage points since 2007. The number of Americans who say they are not affiliated with a religion increased from 16% to 23% during the same period of time.

“The decline is taking place in every region of the country, including the Bible Belt,” said Alan Cooperman, a co-editor of the report.

Limbaugh told his radio listeners on Tuesday that “homosexual marriage” was to blame for fewer people in church pews.

“If you look at the evangelical churches, they haven't lost anything,” he said. “Their membership is holding pretty steady. Where the message has remained, where the mission has remained the same, where the members of the church don't think any corruption is taking place. They're still hanging in there.”

“Some might say, the churches that haven't fallen prey to the dark side. All of this silly social evolution.”

“Less than 1 million gay activists,” Limbaugh asserted, “bullied and steamrolled an entire nation.”

However, Pew reported a 3 million person decline in the Catholic population. The Roman Catholic Church's opposition to marriage equality hasn't evolved much since 2007.