Jane Fonda says she's dated several gay men.

In an interview with Pridesource to pitch her latest project, the Netflix comedy Grace And Frankie, Fonda discussed her former gay boyfriends.

“Oh my god,” she said. “When I was young, I was the female that gay guys wanted to try to become heterosexual with. A very famous actor who's gay – and I will not name names – asked me to marry him. I was very flattered, but I said, 'Why?' This was 1964. And I mean, he wasn't the only one. It's very interesting. And I lived for two years with a guy who was trying to become heterosexual. I'm intimately acquainted with that.”

In Grace And Frankie, adversaries Grace (played by Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) are unexpectedly brought together when their husbands announce that they are gay and getting hitched to each other. Martin Sheen (The West Wing) plays Robert, Fonda's husband, while Sam Waterston (Law and Order) plays Sol, Tomlin's husband.

Fonda also said that she had fond memories of campaigning against Proposition 6 – the 1978 California initiative to ban gay teachers – with Harvey Milk in San Francisco's Castro District.

“He was always smiling and laughing, and he was beloved and he was funny,” she said. “And it was just so much fun going into those gay bars with him – oh my god!”