Mat Staver, founder of the Christian conservative Liberty Counsel, warned Thursday that churches will be forced to marry gay couples if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on gay marriage.

“We're witnessing an aggressive movement targeting Christianity and our values, especially marriage,” Staver said during a “Freedom Call” radio bulletin. “We must realize that the war over marriage goes to the core of our religious freedom.

“If same-sex marriage becomes a civil right, then churches will be forced to obey an unjust law that violates their core beliefs or face going to jail. All Christians will be forced to take sides on this issue and either compromise religious beliefs or mount a principled resistance to unconscionable government edicts.”

Staver said his group's legal team stood ready to assist Christians “facing the onslaught of the radical pro-homosexual community or government agencies pursuing the same goal.”

The Supreme Court, however, is only considering whether civil marriage laws unconstitutionally exclude gay couples. While many couples may choose to hold a religious ceremony, it is not a requirement.  Several denominations have decided on their own to recognize such unions.