An out Hillsdale College alum has responded to an email inviting the school community to pray against “evil” gay marriage.

“Hey friends!” starts the email from Peter Beckwith, the school's chaplain. “Just to give you a heads up, ugly things are happening in the Supreme Court right now. Justice Anthony Kennedy is seen as the 'swing vote' and, if that is the case, he will have the power to legalize same-sex marriage NATIONWIDE! Yeah... I do not even think we can imagine the effects this could have on our nation, the church, and families.”

“So we are praying for God to give the Justices and the courts wisdom, courage, and discernment, for evil to be revealed and destroyed, and for a heart of love and sound mind.”

Recent alum Derek Schell, who came out gay two years ago in an op-ed, responded in a Facebook post.

“I've never been one to shut my ear to an opposing argument or point of view,” Schell wrote. “However, this is a step too far. I have tried to describe my college environment and experience to some friends and family and this is a good example. Imagine being a closeted, scared, struggling student and receiving this CAMPUS WIDE email (that sends to alums as well). I met good, kind people in my time in that little town in Michigan, but today I am ashamed, disgusted and angry. This is violence, hatred, and ignorance personified. My heart is heavy for my Hillsdale family today.”

“When I put a ring on my husband's finger, I'll be sure your invitation is lost in the mail. Instead, I'll say a prayer that you discover some love, and stop hiding behind the fear of something that doesn't affect you at all,” he added.

Hillsdale, described by the National Journal as “the conservative Harvard,” is located in Hillsdale, Michigan.