Transgender rights activist Janet Mock appeared on OWN's Super Soul Sunday, where she explained to Oprah Winfrey why she kept her transgender identity quiet.

Mock came out publicly in 2011, starring in an It Gets Better video and telling her story in the pages of Marie Claire. At the time, few people were aware that she was transgender.

Referring to Mock's memoir Redefining Realness, Winfrey said Mock kept her identity quiet because “you didn't want to become othered.”

“You feel that you've now been othered or have you transcended that?” Winfrey asked.

Mock said that growing up she was taught to be “silent and shamed” about her gender identity.

“I still think that for most people the most interesting part about me is my transness,” she said. “And so for me I still feel there's an othering about that. But I think there's a lot of power in saying that I will proudly and unapologetically embrace that part of my identity for once. The one part of my identity that I was taught growing up to be silent and shamed about.”

“To own that label and to say that it is mine … I think that there is power in that, but there's still an othering,” she added.

Elsewhere on the program, Mock said that it was “confusing” for her to identify as female from an early age while being surrounded by adults who told her otherwise.

“Something internal inside of me told me constantly that what they're saying is wrong,” she said.