Former Arkansas Governor and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has warned the Supreme Court that it cannot overrule God on marriage.

Justices on Tuesday heard arguments in a case challenging state gay marriage bans in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. A ruling, expected in June, could strike down remaining bans in 13 states.

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Speaking at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Huckabee, an ordained minister, told the crowd that the nation's highest court is “not the supreme being.”

“I respect the courts, but the Supreme Court is only that – the supreme of the courts,” Huckabee said. “It is not the supreme being. It cannot overrule God. When it comes to prayer, when it comes to life, and when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, the court cannot change what God has created.”

Huckabee also reiterated his support for so-called religious freedom laws, saying that business owners who refuse service to gay couples are being “criminalized” when they face legal action, according to CNN.

“Somebody's got to be willing to take on the institutions that challenge and threaten our ability to believe as we believe, because when religious liberty is lost, all liberty is lost,” Huckabee said.