A North Dakota State Representative who recently voted against an LGBT protections bill has been outed as gay after he sent explicit messages on Grindr, a dating app for gay men.

Twenty-one-year-old Dustin Smith told The Forum that he recognized Republican Rep. Randy Boehning, 52, from a cover story on House lawmakers who voted against a measure that sought to prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Smith said that he realized that he had been exchanging messages on Grindr with Boehning, who went by the user name “Top Man!”

Smith said that Boehning had sent him several pictures, including a picture of his penis.

“I was not, like, appalled, but … it would [be] just like if someone was sitting in front of you and decided to whip out their private parts. It's kind of rude,” he said.

When confronted with the allegations, Boehning initially refused to answer questions. However, on Saturday, he confirmed that he was “Top Man!” and insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

“That's what gay guys do on gay sites, don't they?” he said. “That's how thing happen on Grindr. It's a gay chat site. It's not the first thing you do on that site. That's what we do, exchange pics on the site.”

Boehning also defended his “no” vote, saying that the language of the anti-discrimination bill was too broad and did not do enough to protect business owners.