In a press release issued by his movie studio, EchoLight Studios, Rick Santorum warned that gay marriage could lead to the persecution of Christians.

“Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments to determine if same-sex marriage should be nationally recognized in the United States starting April 28,” the company said. “The outcome of these hearings, set for late June, could cause a potentially damaging ripple effect for conservative business owners who, based on their personal religious beliefs, do not want to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies as was explored in the award-winning EchoLight Studios documentary, One Generation Away.”

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Santorum, a former senator and a possible Republican candidate for the White House in 2016, said that people “who want to live their life consistent with biblical teachings are not being given space to do that.”

“It is an increasing view that if you are not with this new orthodoxy, the secularism that is now coming from the government, that these are the values that the government values. If you don't live up to those values, well then you can be persecuted and maybe even prosecuted for doing so,” Santorum added.