Christian conservative Bryan Fischer told his radio listeners on Monday that Olympian Bruce Jenner is “on a suicide train.”

Fischer abruptly segued into Jenner's recent announcement that he's a transgender woman in the course of discussing the violence erupting in Baltimore as crowds protest the death of Freddie Gray.

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“And the homosexual lobby, the Left, always wants to blame us for homosexual suicides. Our point is, 'look this is a disordered lifestyle and one of the complications of this lifestyle is suicidal ideation,'” he told listeners.

“That's the tragedy about Bruce Jenner, by the way,” Fischer said. “Forty-one percent of all transgenders [sic] attempt suicide at some point. So, Bruce Jenner is on a suicide train.”

While rates of attempted suicide are high among transgender people, Jenner has received a tremendous amount of support from his friends and family, including his three ex-wives.

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