Out singer Eli Lieb gushed about Adam Lambert and his new song during a recent appearance on UBN Radio's Finding Cupid.

Lambert's Ghost Town is the first single from his upcoming album The Original High.

When host David Cruz asked about Lambert, Lieb answered: “He's just a supportive dude.”

“I have to just honestly, honestly say that Adam is by far the sweetest, down to Earth person that I've met in that world and in general,” he said.

“It's really rare to find people, especially in LA, in general, who are supportive, and are selflessly supportive.”

When asked about his musical guilty pleasure, Lieb answered: “Honestly, Adam's new song is amazing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lieb said he was “very good” being single but doesn't like it.

“I have wanted to be married since forever,” he said.

He added that dating in Los Angeles is “the worst” because people are so concerned about their careers that they refuse to make plans.