Texas Senator and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has reiterated his opposition to gay marriage after a The New York Times report suggested he had softened his stance on the issue.

The newspaper of record reported that Cruz and his wife Heidi attended an event at the apartment of two gay hoteliers.

One of the men told the paper that Cruz said that he would love his daughter if she turned out to be gay.

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Cruz criticized the Times in a statement, saying that his appearance at the event was “hardly newsworthy.”

“One person further asked how Heidi and I would react if we found out one of our [4- and 7-year old] daughters were gay. My reply: 'We would love her with all our hearts. We love our daughters unconditionally,'” he said.

“A conservative Republican who is willing to meet with individuals who do not agree on marriage and who loves his daughters unconditionally may not reflect the caricature of conservatives promoted by the Left, but it's hardly newsworthy.”