In a recent interview, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) President Neil Giuliano said the group's greatest achievement was eradication of the 'f' word in the media. He also discussed plans to reach out to the sports world.

Speaking to Charlotte Robinson at, Giuliano was asked what was his group's greatest achievement. The fifty-one year old, former mayor of Tempe, Arizona, answered that it was the eradication of the 'f' word in the media.

“I'm very proud of the cultural change around the use of the 'f' word and I think that very concretely can be tied to the strong stance we took with regard to the use of the word,” Giuliano said.

He said he told critics of his campaign that the word had to go, because “it's a word that is defaming and demeaning and is often the last word that kids hear when they are pushed to the ground and beaten up.”

“Journalist now refer to it as the 'f' word or an anti-gay slur – they no longer repeat it,” Giuliano said.

Giuliano also discussed plans by the group to reach out to the sports world. He said he wanted to talk with coaches and team administrators, athletes, and journalists that cover sports about gay and lesbians issues.

“We know that there's still an amazing amount of defamation against the LGBT community in the world of sports,” he said. “We have to be willing to start to build and create and find those allies within the sports media world the same way we had to go and build and create those allies in the entertainment world.”

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