Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a possible candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, on Thursday claimed that gay marriage will lead to the “criminalization of Christianity.”

During a conference call organized by the conservative Family Research Council (FRC) to discuss next week's Supreme Court case challenging restrictive marriage bans in four states, Huckabee called on states to defy the court if it struck down such bans nationwide.

“Christian convictions are under attack as never before. Not just in our lifetime, but ever before in the history of this great nation. We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee claimed that such a ruling would criminalize pastors who refuse to marry gay couples.

“If the courts rule that people have a civil right not only to be a homosexual but a civil right to have a homosexual marriage, then a homosexual couple coming to a pastor who believes in biblical marriage who says 'I can't perform that wedding' will now be breaking the law.”

“It's not just saying, 'I'm sorry you have a preference.' No, you will be breaking the law subject to civil, for sure, and possible criminal penalties for violating the law,” he said. “If you do practice biblical convictions and you carry them out and you do what you've been led by the spirit of God to do, your behavior will be criminal.”

“God help us all,” Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, added.

Right Wing Watch's Brian Tashman pointed out that this “is a categorically untrue claim that has not materialized in any of the dozens of states where marriage equality has been adopted.”