A twenty-year-old man has confessed to killing his gay supervisor in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Kenneth Morgan Stancil III was arrested Tuesday while sleeping on a Florida beach. He is accused of shooting 44-year-old Ron Lance, Wayne Community College's print shop director, who is gay.

Stancil was booted from a work-study program at the college in March for too many absences.

Police say Stancil entered the print shop on Monday, fired a pistol-grip shotgun once, and fled the scene on a motorcycle, which he abandoned in North Carolina. He then hitchhiked to Florida.

In an interview from the Florida jail where he is being held without bail, Stancil acknowledged killing Lane, adding that he had done “the world a favor.”

When asked whether he hates gay people, Stancil answered, “Yes, I do … with a passion.”

He repeated the claim that Lane is “a child molester” who had made advances toward a relative.

“He ain't physically touch him but he was in the proposal to try to,” Stancil told WRAL. “You know, and I wasn't gonna let that happen.” He was forced to act, Stancil said, because the relative wasn't a “faggot.”

Reports on Lane's murder did not offer any evidence to substantiate Stancil's claim. An AP report quotes Stancil's mother denying the charge and stating that her son needs mental help.

Stancil identified himself as a neo-Nazi when asked if he was a white supremacist.

“I try to look out for my fellow white people as much as possible, you understand? And, I don't believe in race mixing,” he said.