Florida Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Wednesday compared the decision of a gay couple to marry to a divorce.

The Republican presidential candidate made his remarks in an interview with Jorge Ramos, host of Fusion's America with Jorge Ramos.

“If someone in your family or your office that happens to be gay and they invite you to their wedding, would you go?” Ramos asked.

Rubio answered that he would attend, but also compared the union to a second marriage and a divorce.

“If there's somebody that I love that's in my life, I don't necessarily have to agree with their decisions or the decisions they've made to continue to love them and participate in important events,” he answered.

“I'm a member of the Catholic faith, it teaches that after you get married the first time, if you've been divorced, you can't be remarried. And yet people attend second marriages all the time.”

“How you treat a person that you care for and love is different from what your opinion is or what your faith teaches marriage should be.”

“But again, as I said, I'm a member of the Catholic faith that teaches, for example, that divorce is wrong. But if someone gets divorced, I'm not going to stop loving them or having them as part of our lives,” he added.