Texas Representative Louie Gohmert claimed last week that gays are persecuting Christians “all over the country.”

Gohmert, a vocal opponent of gay rights, made the claim during an interview on the Faith & Liberty radio show.

“Now Christians are the only people that it is politically correct to persecute [in America],” Gohmert stated. “And we've got to see that turned around or we're not going to see the blessings that America has experienced in the past.”

“It seems like at first gay advocates wanted tolerance, then they wanted acceptance, then they wanted celebration, and now they're intolerant. What do you think of that cycle?” host Dave Garrison asked.

“It is extremely unfortunate that Christians all over the country now are being persecuted for believing what Moses said [about marriage],” Gohmert replied.

Gohmert, a Republican, has previously compared gay rights advocates to Nazis.