Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins on Monday criticized Hillary Clinton for including two gay couples in her campaign launch video.

In the video, a male couple talks about marrying, while a lesbian couple is seen siting on a couch.

“When families are strong, America is strong,” Clinton says in the video.

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“Her definition of family is a bit different,” Perkins said on his Washington Watch radio program. “She actually had same-sex couples there in her video.”

Perkins and his guest, CNSNews' Terry Jeffrey, lamented weak Republican opposition on the issue.

“So it seemed to me that Rand Paul yesterday was essentially surrendering the marriage issue,” said Jeffrey, referring to an appearance on CNN. “If you have a candidate that does that, a Republican Party candidate who does that in the fall election, then there is going to be millions of voters all over America – especially people who are married folks with families who get out and go to work and support and raise their own kids and believe in the Judeo-Christian moral tradition that made America great and made America free – you will have millions of voters like that say ‘wait a minute’ and they’re going to be turned off and some of them, quite frankly, aren’t going to want to vote for somebody who takes that position.”