Jorge Hernandez, lead singer of Los Tigres del Norte, says his group's first corrido song about gay love shows that love has no limits.

“Los Tigres are known for telling stories, for narrating the realities in society,” Hernandez told the AP. “It is evident that we have in front of us a great community that has been standing out more all these years.”

Era diferente (She was different) from their latest studio album, Realidades (Realities), was written by Mexican composer Manuel Eduardo Toscano and tells the story of a girl in love with her best girl-friend.

“We dared and we got wonderful results,” Hernandez said of including the song.

“When we sing it, you can see how that community (LGBT) cheers up,” he said. “It has been a song that has attracted attention and we do it with the pride of that that exposes itself and also exposes a situation that is very relevant.”

“The evidence is there, no one can hide it and I think we have to be open to love in any way, as the song goes,” he added.