Florida's Republican-controlled Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill which seeks to repeal the state's 38-year-old and unenforceable ban on gay adoption.

Following passage last month in the House, the bill (HB 7013) cleared the Florida Senate with a 27-11 vote.

The bill now heads to the desk of Republican Governor Rick Scott.

Martin Gill, a gay foster parent who sought to adopt two young children, challenged the law in court. In 2010, a judge struck it down and Florida officials decided against filing an appeal.

Gill was represented in the case by the ACLU of Florida.

“Although the law is no longer enforceable, the fact that it remained on the books sent a harmful and stigmatizing message to lesbian and gay parents and their children,” ACLU Executive Director Howard Simon said in a statement after House passage.

A campaign calling on Governor Scott to sign the bill has been launched by Equality Florida, the state's largest LGBT rights advocate.

A separate bill allowing religious exceptions has already received House approval.

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