In his State of the State address delivered on Monday, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal backed a recently introduced “religious freedom” bill.

“I know there has been legislation filed this session that aims to protect religious freedom rights in Louisiana,” said Jindal. “Let me be crystal clear. I absolutely intend to fight for the passage of this legislation and any other that seeks to preserve our most fundamental freedoms.”

Jindal added that Louisianans oppose discrimination: “We can uphold both of those values simultaneously.”

“The truth is, this should not be a conservative versus liberal debate. Last I checked, we were all in favor of the Bill of Rights. And here in Louisiana, as long as I'm your governor, we will protect religious liberty and not apologize for it.”

House Bill 707, titled the Marriage and Conscience Act, is being championed in the House by Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican. It would would prohibit the government from taking adverse action against a person for expressing a religious belief or moral conviction about marriage.

During an appearance last week on NBC's Meet the Press, Jindal, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, warned against creating “special rights” for gays when asked whether he supports a New Orleans ordinance prohibiting LGBT discrimination in the areas of employment and housing.

“I don't think, certainly, that there should be discrimination against anybody in housing and employment. … The good news is our society is moving in a direction of more tolerance,” Jindal answered. “My concern about creating special legal protections is historically in our country we have only done that in extraordinary circumstances. It doesn't appear to me we're in one of those moments today.”