Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson says there's no urgent need for LGBT protections in the state.

After initially supporting a so-called religious freedom bill critics argued could be used to refuse service to gay men and lesbians, Hutchinson reversed course, saying that he wanted the bill's language changed to more closely mirror a federal version.

Hutchinson's reversal came after a similar measure in Indiana attracted nationwide attention, forcing Republican Governor Mike Pence to ask lawmakers for a “fix,” and Arkansas-based Walmart, the world's largest retailer, weighed in against the bill.

LGBT rights activists called on Hutchinson to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination by state agencies on the basis of sexual orientation.

“I don't see any urgent need for it now,” Hutchinson said on Thursday. “Again, I got my request, so we'll see what the future develops but I considered the issue resolved when they gave me my first request of a new bill.”

The governor also stood by his support for the initial version of the bill.

“That's not the kind of issue you want bottled up in committee, so I'm glad it ultimately got to the floor for a vote and I was glad to encourage that,” Hutchinson said. “Now, in hindsight, sure, I wish we all knew 45 days ago what we know today. We could have been more precise in the language and I would have made my call for a bill that precisely mirrors the federal bill earlier.”