Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has criticized Indiana Governor Mike Pence's support of a bill critics say would allow businesses to deny service to gay men and lesbians.

Just days after he appeared on ABC's This Week, where he insisted a so-called religious freedom bill he signed would not be changed, Pence asked lawmakers to “fix” the bill to include LGBT protections.

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Appearing on PoliticKING, host Larry King asked Dean about the controversy.

“Evidently, this is the last gasp of the far right. You know, it is what it is. It's bigotry against gay people. They designed the bill that way,” Dean said. “Mike Pence is backpedaling and not getting very far. It's going to cost him a hell of a lot of money. You can't be a bigot these days without incurring the wrath of the business community.”

Dean, former chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), also praised business leaders who spoke out against the bill.

“For a long time the business community has not been a social or moral leader in this country. They focused on making money and that's about it. Finally, you're beginning to see on a nationwide basis major American corporations putting their foot down. And that's the best way to chase the far right out of American politics.”

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